Grand Prix Furniture Set

Show your pride at home or in the office with our one of a kind racing inspired office furniture sets.


Designed for all active lifestyles, this exhilarating office race chairs, desk and office chair mat, high performance automotive furniture line is engineered and manufactured using the highest quality components available today! Visually breathtaking, it surpasses the customer’s expectations this Office racing chairs carries the Intro-Tech Automotive, Inc., Lifetime Warranty! Patented World-Wide.

Most office furniture ships in a few days ensuring you a FAST delivery. Our customers want their new furniture delivered in 1-3 days, and that is just what we strive to doOur office furniture usually ships in 3-4 days, furniture delivery can typically be expected in 1-3 days from order date.

Additional information
  • Grand Prix Furniture Set

    High Quality ! | All PitStop Furniture has a lifetime warranty! | Assembled in the U.S.A. | Free Shipping |  Combines the Racing spirit with the maximum comfort. | Featured in Red on Black,  Black  on Black and Silver on Black  | Includes  PitStop GT Spoiler Desk,  PitStop LXE Series Office Chair and Diamond plate chair mat | Racing Inspired Steel Base | High performance inspiration and high-tech construction  |  Visually breathtaking | This set surpasses the customer’s expectations |  Patented World-Wide.

    Grand Prix Series Chair (GP1000 B-BLACK R-RED S-SILVER)


    Featured in Beautiful Leatherette
    Embossed Tire Tread Armrests
    Shocks Adjustable Armrests:
    Arm Rest Height Settings: 11” – 12.5” – 13.5”height
    Chair Dimensions: 23.5”w x 24.5“d x 51”h
    Seat Height Adjustable from 18.5”h to 22“h
    Comfort Seat Area: 15“w x 17”d
    Back Seat Area: 12.5“w x 19”h
    Ergonomic Lumbar Support System:
    Air Pump Provides Support to a 12“w x 14”h area
    Billet Aluminum Shift Knob:
    Provides Four Ergonomic Settings
    Racing Suspension Spring
    Brake Caliper Kit
    26” Wide Track Aluminum Alloy Base
    Five 22” Style Racing Wheels
    Office Chair Weight: 60 lbs.
    Designed and Assembled in the USA
    Carries Intro-Tech Automotive, Inc., Lifetime Warranty
    Patented World-Wide


    Colors and Finishes


    Black chair, has black springs, black brake pad
    Red chair, has Red springs, red brake pad
    Silver chair, has chrome springs, chrome brake bad

    Grand Prix Series Desk (PFD2000 B-BLACK R-RED C-CLEAR)


    Racing Style Spoiler Tray: 14“w x 8.5“d x 10“h
    Tempered Glass Top
    Racing Style Tubular Metal Desk: 57.25“w x 27“d x 30“h Weight: 100 lbs.
    Stainless Steel Braided Hoses for Lateral Control
    Dual 13“ Chrome Metal Racing Shocks
    51“ Metal Alloy Tower Strut Bar
    22“ Style Lockable Racing Wheels
    Designed and Assembled in the USA
    Carries Intro-Tech Automotive, Inc., Lifetime Warranty
    Patented World-Wide


    Colors and Finishes


    Silver with Clear glass top, Clear Glass spoiler Shelf and chrome springs
    Silver with Black glass top, Black Glass spoiler Shelf and black springs
    Silver with Red glass top, Reg Glass spoiler Shelf and red springs
    Floor Mat (DPCM4750)

  • Weight 180 lbs
    Color & Finishes:

    GP1000B/PFD2000B/DPCM4750-BLACK, GP1000R/PFD2000R/DPCM4750-RED, GP1000S/PFD2000C/DPCM4750-SILVER